How Much Does a Carpenter Earn in the USA?


A carpenter in the US earns, on average, $54,200 a year. In addition, the salary ranges from approximately $30,000 to $85,000 annually. If you have thought about becoming a carpenter, you should know that you will have to dedicate yourself to creating furniture, structures, window frames, works of art, doors, among many other things. Of course, the first thing you should ask yourself is how much does a carpenter earn in the United States and what tasks does he perform? to know if it is convenient to dedicate yourself to this type of trade. Keep reading this article for more information.

Most carpenters in the United States are self-employed, so meeting customer deadlines is a plus for any carpenter.

It is also essential to pay attention to details and for the product to be aesthetically pleasing, in addition, a carpenter must fully comply with the functions for which it is intended. Since, of course, an aesthetically beautiful piece of furniture or structure is worth nothing if it is not capable of fully fulfilling its main functions.

A carpenter must have excellent skill. In addition to being able to masterly handle power and hand tools.

It is necessary that you know how to read the plans of a preconceived sketch of what you really want, for this, it is necessary to have knowledge of basic mathematics so as not to fail in the required measurements of the object to be built.
A carpenter works in a workshop that can be very noisy, uncomfortable and hot, so it is important to be able to tolerate these types of conditions. On the other hand, a carpenter will also require physical strength to handle the right tools.

What is required to be a Carpenter?

To be a carpenter in the US you need at least a high school diploma, technical or vocational school courses also add up. Some larger jobs may require a degree that is associated with carpentry.

However, most carpenters in the US are made by learning the trade from a professional who is capable of shaping more than wood. That is, working as an assistant to another more experienced carpenter.

It is essential to have a portfolio to demonstrate the skills in the construction of articles made with wood. In this way you can show customers models made in advance.

You can have a catalog of cabinets, shelves, cupboards, doors, windows, countertops, wall paneling, sculptures, and other woodwork items.

It is also necessary for a carpenter to have the skill to select excellent quality lumber, supplies and materials. He must be able to demolish, dismantle or remove certain items in order to start his installation or repair work.

Something very important is having the ability to communicate and kindly serve the client, to know for sure what he wants. Perhaps you should help him explain himself through drawings, sketches and plans; In addition, of course, written and verbal descriptions to be able to understand what the client requires.

A carpenter must have a driver’s license. Since most of the work is done at home and it will always be necessary to move with the machinery and materials required to carry out the work. Therefore, he must have a vehicle specially adapted for this purpose.

Are Carpenters Needed In America?

Surely you are wondering if the carpenter’s trade has a job opportunity or if there is a real demand in the market. For your peace of mind, the carpenter trade is one of the fastest growing in the construction sector.

According to official data, a growth of 2% is estimated between 2020 and 2030, with an approximate projection of 89,000 vacancies for carpenters each year, on average, during the decade.

These vacancies are due to the need to replace workers who change occupations, as well as those who are of retirement age and therefore could leave their position.

How Much Does a Carpenter Earn in the United States?

According to occupational employment statistics for carpenters available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employed carpenters in the US as of May 2020 was approximately 699,300.

How much does a carpenter in the United States make per hour?
A carpenter in the United States earns an average of $20.68 per hour, although the number may vary depending on the task to be performed.

How much does a carpenter earn in the United States per month?

A carpenter in the United States earns on average about $5,100 per month. You must take into account the number of hours worked, not all self-employed carpenter work the same number of hours or perform the same jobs.

It is possible that some jobs generate more income, either because of the value of the materials used or the health risk that the type of task can cause. Working on the heights of a building is not the same as fixing a simple chair or a piece of furniture at home.

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