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Finding work in the United States is one of the biggest concerns of those who want to emigrate to American soil. Sometimes, this can become a complex task and, therefore, the best option is always to use all tools at reach.

Thanks to the Internet, a set of companies responsible for establishing contact between employers and aspiring jobs have been developed. This being so, knowing the best employment agencies in the United States is an indisputable advantage when finding a job in that country.


Know the greatest and efficient US placement agencies, so that it is as simple as possible to find the job you need, whether you look for temporary or permanent work.

Agencies That Will Help You Find Employment Quickly

Although the amount of placement offices is enormous and making a selection is, often, complex, we have chosen to offer you any employment agency that is characterized by the quality and quantity of the works it offers.

Kelly Services

This is probably the best agency in the whole country. Being one of the oldest (founded in 1946), it manages a huge volume of offers for the best and most solvent North American companies. In fact, the latest statistics show that they get work more than one million people annually. This, of course, has earned him numerous international awards and recognitions.

Integrity Staffing Solutions

Faced with other work portals, this has specialized in an essential aspect: finding positions that fit into the immigrant profile. This being so, if you want to emigrate to the USA, Integrity Staffing Solutions will be an option to handle, because you can contact warehouses, factories and offices in which the profile of a Hispanic immigrant can fit perfectly.


If something characterizes this employment agency is its international presence (it has venues in 40 countries). This has allowed him to obtain a reputation that leads him to handle thousands of job offers. Its main function will be to offer positions in temporary jobs, so, if you need a fast job while you are looking for something better, without a doubt this will be your best option.

Frontline Source Group

As its name indicates, this portal focuses on jobs on which it is directly treated with the client. These are human resources, medical care or business administration, in general you will offer you temporary jobs in which there is a direct treatment with the final customer of the companies.

Nurse Finders

Unlike the previous ones, Nurse Finders has specialized in picking up and offering placements in a very specific field: medical care. As such, they even offer some training and education, but ideally, if you access them, you already have some kind of degree or experience in the medicine and nursing industry, or in medical care in general.

AMN Healthcare

To a certain extent, this agency shares with the previous one and differs from the first ones that we have presented to you in that it specializes in a certain field. Specifically, it connects employers who are in need of finding individuals who want to do eldercare jobs. In general, they accept all kinds of doctors and registered nurses, but also technicians, therapists, caregivers and any other professional in the field of health and care.

TEK Systems

This is, again, a specialized agency. It fundamentally focuses its job offers in the world of computing and technology. Annually, it puts almost 100,000 people in contact with more than 6,000 companies. Programmers, computer scientists, engineers, designers… everything that can be useful in the technology industry will be welcome on this portal.

Comerstone Staffing

If the companies that we have been presenting in this list have something in common, it is that they had the entire United States as their scope of action. Now, as long as you are aware of the existence of other types of agencies, we consider it appropriate to introduce you here CornerStone Staffing whose main purpose is to help you find a job in a specific location: Dallas. In short, it is a perfect example of the existence of agencies focused on very specific areas of the country.

Creative Circles

Employment portal named as the best in the field of marketing and graphic design. It includes all kinds of offers in which marketing, advertising, web design and, in general, creative work related to the Internet and business expansion are involved to a greater or lesser extent.


Finally, to close this list we consider it appropriate to refer you to an agency of the same style as those mentioned in the first places. That is, a general agency, which allows you to find temporary work in all areas of any industry, and in any of the locations in the USA. In addition, it offers training services on many occasions, and its extensive experience (since it has been present in more than 70 countries for decades) guarantees total satisfaction for both employers and those who, like you, may be looking for a job.

The best employment agencies in the United States are those that, as you have seen, handle a large volume of offers, these being of great quality. However, on many occasions it is more difficult to process the administrative issues to be eligible for a job (for example, residence permits) than to find the job itself.

For the same reason, it is always best to consult experts in the field who can offer you the tools you need to be a completely legal immigrant in the USA and access the best jobs that will guarantee a prosperous future for you and yours.

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