How much does a waitress earn in the United States and where are there more jobs?


Much of the migrant community in the United States works as a waiter. It is also an occupation used by thousands of young people throughout the country.

In its most recent Occupational Employment and Wages survey, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there are about 1,804,030 waiters in the country. For some it is their full-time occupation and others combine it with another activity to earn extra money.

How Much Does a Waitress Earn in the United States?

The salary of waiters depends on a large number of factors: the place where they work, the time they dedicate to it and the tips they receive from customers.

However, the national average wage for waiters and waitresses is $13.95. And their median annual salary is $29,010.

The lowest paid 10% of servers earn just $8.58 per hour, but the highest paid 10% earn up to $22.07 per hour.

The salary also usually goes up or down, depending on the industry.

• In restaurants the average wage is $13.93 per hour.
• In hotels, from $14.16.
• In entertainment and recreation industries, $13.80.
• In bars, $13.67.
• In special food services, $15.67.
• In professional organizations, $18.08.

Where Is There More Work In America For Waitstaff?

• California: 171,630 positions. Average hourly wage: $17.35.
• Texas: 171,060. Average hourly wage: $11.97.
• Florida: 170,290. Average hourly wage: $13.94.
• New York: 91,740. Average hourly wage: $19.09.
• Ohio: 64,740. Average hourly wage: $11.45.

What Visa Is Needed To Work In The United States As A Waiter?

The US government does not directly advertise H-2B visa job openings, but it does have a list of employers certified to apply for foreign nationals.

You can also find employers at job fairs or through word of mouth. Just verify that it is valid by calling 01-800-108-4724 or by email at

The maximum period of stay in the United States with the H-2B visa is 3 years. These are the steps to follow to obtain it:

1) The employer files a Temporary Work Certification Application with the US Department of Labor.
2) Once the certification is received, Form I-129 is filed with USCIS.
3) If approved, workers file an H-2 B visa petition with the US consulate in Mexico. The DS-160 visa application form is filled out and the fee equivalent to $190 dollars is paid.

“Your agent can help you complete the form, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all information contained in the application is complete and correct,” says the US Embassy in Mexico.

The payment is non-refundable, even if the work visa is not granted.

4) The applicant must have a current and valid passport, a valid petition number and proof of payment.
5) It is necessary to go to the Applicant Service Center to give biometric data (fingerprints, photograph).
6) You go through an interview with a consular officer, who approves or denies the visa.

Applications may be rejected if the company does not adequately justify the need for foreign workers. It is required to show that there are «not enough able, qualified, or available Americans for the job.»

Take many precautions during your process and always verify that the company has the certificates from the Department of Labor. They should not demand money from you to give you the visa.

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