How to Earn Money Writing Short Stories on the Internet?


With the digital age, there are now many more ways of writing than a few decades ago, where it depended exclusively on a publishing house or a printed medium that opened the doors after going through a series of protocols. There are certain ways to make a living writing if you have the ability and training to do it as a professional.

In the following sections of this course you will learn about them in detail:

With a Website

Creating a blog allows you to be a freelance writer and generate money online, developing your own style and reaching a personalized audience. It is an indispensable platform in this age and there are multiple ways to create it for free. Another advantage of having a blog is that you can work comfortably from home exploiting your creativity and developing your passion. Before creating it, think about the content you will make, the time you will dedicate to it and the frequency with which you will publish.

With a Youtube Channel

It is possible that you have a YouTube channel or if you do not have one, you must create it to start generating money by writing. By publishing relevant content you will gain followers who will trust the work you do and if the poems are of quality, the growth will be sustained month after month.

With the YouTube channel you have the possibility of promoting your writings or a book in case you get to publish it. By generating exclusive content, people will enter to see what’s new and enter your personal blog if you place the direct link. You can monetize both with web advertising.

Selling your stories and poems

There are magazines, print media, and websites that buy poems to publish to their audience. As a general rule, they set a style and a theme, if they meet the minimum quality standards they can be published and paid for once they are released. Before, you may have to write in some portals as a volunteer to make yourself known, and then you can have a portfolio with your own content that you can show to the sites you want to work on.

On Etsy

This website is made to promote your creations or any personal project. The system is similar to Amazon and has been active since 2005. There are no limitations and it has a section for poetry, where you can place your writings and earn money. One of the ways is to write the poems on a canvas or a piece of paper to sell them online. The advantage is that the costs are minimal to start and then you can explore other options such as selling greeting cards.

With Your Personal Brand In Social Networks

The combination of social networks and poetry makes it possible to reach a young audience that is looking for good content on the web. These types of poets already have their own name, they are known as Instapoets and to be successful, it all starts with gathering a good number of followers who are interested in what you do.

Once the content is published and it reaches a level of popularity, it is possible to get good advertising contracts, contacts with publishers to publish the content and even promotions in different media.

Teaching Others To Write Literature And Poetry

If you have teaching skills, use them to teach others the art of poetry. At the beginning you can charge a flat rate for a course, offer a certificate, rely on continuous training and later market the tutorials to academies or companies that require this type of material.

This is a career where you set the schedule and it is a way to earn money from home. The best thing is that then the income is passive, since once the course is generated and posted on a website, every time someone buys it you will get your remuneration.

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