Best Jobs In The United States


The works are qualified thanks to the studies of Businesslnsider. Your ranking criteria are based on rankings that include job satisfaction, number of job openings, and median base salary.

some work

• Data Scientist
• Development Operations Engineer
• Marketing Manager
• Occupational therapist
• Human resources manager
• Electrical engineer
• Strategy Manager
• Mobile developer
• Product Manager (Software)
• Manufacturing Engineer
• Manager of Compliance, Finance, Risks, Business Development
• Front end developer
• Site Reliability Engineer
• Mechanical engineer
• Analytics, tax, creative or advertising manager
• Software engineer, hardware
• Corporate Recruiter
• Quality Assurance Manager
• Medical assistant

Labor field

Many of the jobs are in the IT and IT industries, so those studying these subjects at university are well prepared to pursue some very rewarding careers, such as data scientist, development operations engineer, and mobile developer. When studying at the technical engineering degree level, it also tends to lead to higher-paying careers, such as electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and mechanical engineering. Although their entry-level salaries tend to be lower than those of more technical careers, graduates of business-related programs will still receive fair starting salaries in roles such as marketing manager, human resources manager, and finance manager.

Best Entry Level Salaries For Graduates

The United States consistently ranks as one of the best places in the world to study abroad, due to its high-quality education and strong job market. Studying at an American institute, despite the availability of scholarships, is a significant investment and the return can be difficult to quantify.

Expanding on the list of the best jobs in the US, we’ve looked specifically at what recent graduates entering an entry-level position can expect to do, as well as what they could earn five to ten years from now. once they have gained significant experience in the industry. Finance manager, tax manager, risk manager, and medical assistant roles offer an average annual starting salary of more than $80,000.

pay scale


Work Entry level  (0-5 years) With experience (more than 10 years)



Finance manager






Software engineer






Medical assistant







risk manager







Business development manager





Tax manager







Mechanical engineer






Site Reliability Engineer






hardware engineer






front end developer






Analytics Manager






data scientist






Product Manager (Software)





Electrical engineer






Creative Manager (Advertising)






Development Operations Manager






Occupational therapist







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