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What is the Internet?

It is a network of networks that makes the decentralized interconnection of computers through a set of protocols called TCP/IP. It was created in 1969, when an agency of the United States Department of Defense began to look for alternatives to an eventual atomic war that could isolate people.

It is a global network of computer networks whose objective is to allow the free exchange of information between all its users. It’s not just like a computer network. Computers are just like the medium that carries information. In this case, the Internet would be a great source of practical and fun information. With the Internet you can send messages, executable programs, text files, consult library catalogs, order books, make purchases. Keep in mind that all the resources that can be found on the Internet exist because someone has voluntarily dedicated their time to generating them

Ways To Earn Income

  • Create a membership website
  • Create an online academy
  • Work with an online directory.
  • Work your website with Google Adsense
  • Offer advertising space (banners), sponsored articles or paid links
  • Use platforms to sell sponsored posts and links

Create a membership web page. One way to make money with your website and that is now booming is membership websites. A membership or membership site (in English) is a website where you pay a fee (monthly, annual, etc.) to access content restricted to the general public. At the online business level, memberships offer users the possibility of consuming content (usually training) for as long as they are subscribed.


  • It allows you to obtain recurring and more or less predictable income.
  • It is a scalable business; You can have as many subscribers as you want.
  • Creating a membership is relatively easy.


  • You will need to have a large community to make it profitable.
  • If your membership is for content, it is normal that you have to be creating new content and updating the existing one continuously.
  • If you set the price too low, you will need a lot of customers, and if you set it too high, few people may sign up.

Create an online academy

A variant of a membership website is to create an online academy and earn money through your website. In addition to the membership system for recurring charges and access to restricted content, to set up the online academy you will need a specific plugin (LMS) for this purpose. Once you have the system set up, users will have access to your classes and other content you want to give, as if it were a normal academy, but through videoconferences.


  • It is a scalable system.
  • Unlike a physical academy, being online, users from anywhere in the world can sign up for your classes.
  • You can offer several fixed hours a day for your classes, having the rest of the time for yourself.


  • Although it is a scalable system, it needs your time to offer training, so it is not 100% passive income.
  • If you set up the platform on your own website, you will not have to pay commissions on external platforms.
  • You can share documentation of your training directly on the platform without manual work.

Work with an online directory

It is another way to generate money with a website, although it is not one of the most widespread, is to create an online directory. The best way to do it is to create a directory on a specific theme (Example: Restaurants, Accommodation…), allow companies to register for free on the web with basic data and then offer them to increase their content and visibility (preference in the platform search results, for example) for a recurring fee (membership). Another way to generate income with an online directory is by charging users who want to consume the information.



  • You can offer a freemium model: some content is free and some is paid.
  • You can offer privileged spaces in various parts of the web (Example: on the Home) for those who are willing to pay for more visibility.
  • Take commissions for sales of companies if you offer the option of direct sales from the directory.
  • You have to look for a niche that is not very competitive, but that can generate interesting income for you.
  • You have to work a lot to organically position a directory. Another option is to invest in advertising.
  • Advertisers often do not update their profiles, which can give the impression of neglect.
Work your website with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is also a very widespread way to generate passive income on your website. It consists of inserting banners generated by Google’s Adsense platform on your website, which generates them dynamically based on the theme of your website. Generating money with Adsense is not about opening a blog on a theme X, creating content and waiting for the money; requires knowledge of SEO, strategy and blogging.

  • It is very easy to sign up for Google Adsense and start showing ads.
  • The ads are relevant because they are associated with the theme of your website (strange ads will not appear).
  • You can choose the format and size and insert the advertising where you want.
  • It is quite intrusive; there are websites where the content with so much banner is hardly seen.
  • You cannot select which ads are displayed on your website.
  • Just some parameters on the theme.
  • Showing the ads does not always imply making a profit, as it is based on cost per click.
Offer advertising space (banners), sponsored articles or paid links

Once you have a blog with a lot of traffic and your website has a good domain authority, companies that want to promote their products and services on your website will start to emerge. There are different ways to earn money with your website in this sense: offering advertising banners directly, selling sponsored posts or including a payment link in certain content that the advertising company is interested in. If you have an interesting post positioned on the first page of Google, do not doubt that some companies will contact you.

  • The work involved in implementing this is practically nil, since everything falls on the sponsor.
  • You can negotiate recurring payments, for example, the renewal of a banner every X time or for impressions.
  • When a company is advertised, then you can contact other possible interested parties and seeing that your competition is present, they will be interested in appearing.
  • The banners are quite intrusive; I personally don’t like to abuse them.
  • Having a post on the first page of Google is not easy, so you have to be continually updating and improving content so as not to fall to other pages of the results.
  • You must be very careful especially with sponsored articles; Your users could see that this is clearly sponsored content and lose their confidence in your independence.
Use platforms to sell sponsored posts and links

If you do not have good content positioned on the first page of Google or you still do not have authority (or even have it), you can register on platforms such as Publisuites or Growwer, through which you can get companies to contact you to advertise on your website. .

  • You can sell to whoever you decide.
  • The operation of these platforms is usually simple.
  • You can be publisher and advertiser.
  • You may not always be interested in advertisers who contact you.
  • You have to control very well what content you publish on your website so as not to penalize yourself.
  • If you abuse this, your blog can become a flea market.

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