Banks And Insurance

Investment, people can trust banks to deposit their savings or when investing their money, for any business. Spanish banks are considered a sustainable institution to meet the needs of users or consumers. Keep reading this post, and know the list of the 10 best banking institutions in the country.

Best For Banks To Open Accounts

  • ING
  • open bank
  • Bankinter
  • BBVA
  • Sabadell Bank
  • Bank
  • Bankia
  • CaixaBank
  • Santander Bank
  • Kutxabank

Best Banks In Catalan To Open An Account

There are financial institutions that run their processes without commissions that offer the most attractive advantages, such as profitability, gifts or free cards. Among these banks can be named: Abancuenta Clara Banca. It is a 100% online account and without commissions, it offers a €300 gift when you present your salary, it gives you a free debit card and you can make transfers that arrive the same day. There is also the Santander Online Account, it does not charge commissions or set conditions, it gives €100 if you domicile your income, it gives you the debit card and it is exclusive for new customers. REVOLUT ACCOUNT. Give a gift of €10, provide a free mobile account and card, facilitate currency cancellation at the best exchange rate, you can withdraw money for free at any ATM and you can work with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

There is also the Banco CUENTA INTELLIGENTE EVO, which does not charge commissions and does not require requirements, provides a single free debit and credit card, makes ATMs in Spain and Europe available at no cost.

Best Bank to Save

Get to know the list of accounts with competitive returns. Among them stand out Unicaja PLAYSTATION ACCOUNT. Provides up to 5% APR for 24 months for 2,000 euros. You can obtain a loan for each purchase or receipt, you have three free months of PlayStation Plus and it does not charge commissions and debit card. Among other qualified institutions is Banco Sabadell ONLINE SABADELL ACCOUNT. Give a gift of €50 and a return of 1% APR for the first year. It facilitates an online account and does not require commissions and without payroll. It provides a free debit card, it has a personal manager to help you when you need it. And finally, there is Pibank PIBANK REMUNERATED ACCOUNT, which gives a return of 0.60% APR, has a savings account without commissions and gives free immediate transfers. Most importantly, it is adhered to the Spanish Guarantee Fund

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