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In  the year 2022 and what is outlined for 2023, job offers are increasing every day, therefore, people will have endless opportunities to grow in the workplace. If you intend to work in Spain, keep reading this post, and find everything you need to hold a position in the best companies that offer opportunities in Spain when it comes to working. Design your resume and start applying for the best job offers in this country. Get a good and competitive salary, providing services in the areas that you perform.


The Catalan country is identified as a nation with a large number of job opportunities in the fields of hospitality, tourism, construction or excellent supermarket chains. There are various sources of employment, so you can start working as soon as possible.

Some companies to work Catalanas

  • Mercadona
  • Zara
  • Pepsi
  • Coke
  • TV producers.
  • Manzana
  • amazon
  • Google


It is one of the best companies to work for in Spain, and therefore, it has given the opportunity to open hundreds of job offers, to work in various Spanish sectors. To know a little about the job offers you must send the resume to the company. To send the curriculum mainly you must enter the company’s job offers. You can find the offer in the workers’ portal, and on the Mercadona website there appear all the job offers that are available. But if you prefer to consign it in person, you can do it at one of the company’s establishments.

Steps to do it online

First you must enter the web portal, then you must review the available job offers. When you register, you can locate all the job offers based on the position you want to apply for, the location of the supermarket, as well as other specific search guidelines to locate the offer that best fits your profile. If you do not have the resume, you can make a selection of free templates in word so you can make your CV. When choosing Mercadona, you have to pass a training program to fill your position.

Collections to work in Mercadona

First of all, you have to be of legal age, have a Compulsory Secondary Education degree or equivalent. Be a national of a member country of the European Union or have a work permit in Europe. Pass a startup training. Ability to work in a team. Excellent presence, it is not necessary to have previous experience. Mercadona’s salaries have changed for the better in recent times. Today, the basic salary of a Mercadona employee is 1,338 euros gross per month, with salary progression, compared to the previous 1,328 euros. The salary will vary depending on the position you hold in the company. Generally, most of the positions to work at Mercadona are stable and quality jobs.

There are various options when it comes to working at Mercadona. For example, there are possibilities to work as a warehouse manager, supermarket staff, for doctors, managers or directors

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