How can I find out if I am within the clearing?

How can I find out if I am within the clearing?

Consumers are often interested in your clearing rating. If an online loan is rejected, the problem is big. To avoid unpleasant surprises, consumers should request a free self-assessment once a year. In addition, there are numerous measures to improve the clearing score in the long term.

The clearing does not send any control sheet on its own. What many consumers do not know: clearing is a private company and not a state institution. So the company is interested in making high profits. Consumers can get more information about their tickets on the web at any time. This may have a cost, depending on the service.

A company must announce entry into clearing. Two warnings are necessary before a negative note. Notice must be given no later than four weeks before entry. This is a mandatory requirement of the legislature. If those affected have not received any mail, there are no new entries.

How can you proceed if you have an incorrect entry in clearing?

There are many requests per day, careless errors are not uncommon. In Uruguay, many names appear two or three times. A mix-up can lead to an incorrect assignment. The negative trait belongs to someone else.

If banks, cell phone providers and online stores provide incorrect data, there is little the credit bureau can do. This means that more errors can appear, as clearing has clear deletion deadlines for entries.

What clearing entries can consumers remove?

1) Fake Tickets
Clearing needs a factual basis to maintain entries in its database. This is what the legislator has stipulated to protect consumers. Therefore, incorrect clearing data can be easily removed. These may be false claims or claims that have already been paid. Accounts that have been deleted for a long time also appear.

2) Minor debt
If the claim does not exceed $2,000, the entry can be removed immediately. For this, the full amount must be paid within 2 weeks after notification.

3) Titled Claims
The debtor failed to comply with multiple requests. Now the creditor requests a claim which results in the enforcement notice. Foreclosure or asset information follows. Clearing only allows one way out: the debtor has to settle the pending claim.

If you have paid your debts, the registration in the competent local court will be removed. Now the creditor must consent to the deletion. This is done on the basis of a completed note to the credit bureau. If the creditor is angry, a premature removal is not possible.

It depends on who entered the note. The original contractual partner may have assigned your claim. If you are a debt collection agency, this is the right contact.

If a feature such as address is entered incorrectly, consumers contact clearing directly. A brief letter with the relevant evidence is sufficient.

Otherwise, the contact will be made through the old creditor. Consumers should pay attention to the following points when proceeding:

a) Request for data correction.
b) Sending a letter
c) Establish a period of 3 weeks to preserve legal options.

The company must issue a completion note and refer the new matter to the credit bureaus. Some dealers are represented by other service providers. Therefore, the contact must be made through the creditor. You can report the correction to other credit reporting agencies.

Loan houses being in clearing

Just need some quick cash and don’t want to commit to a long-term loan? Then borrow only the amount of money you need and repay the loan after just 30 credit days.

This type of credit with clearing is made through the conclusion of an intelligent contract, where the provider will demand minimum requirements as proof of his identity.

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